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Project – Montana-Pirot – building long-term cooperation and strengthening the territorial proximity, in order to improve business companies and public authorities PDF Print E-mail
Project Objectives

Overall objective: building long-term cooperation and strengthen territorial proximity, in order to improve business companies and public authorities in the municipalities of Pirot and Montana to cooperate and have a greater understanding on the existing capacity and resources in the region and in order to increase the value of network activities to ensure sustainability of the local economy and future impact on quality of life. Specific objectives include: building cooperation between institutions and businesses to develop in two economic sectors with strong potential in Pirot and Montana. The project will involve overcoming legal obstacles to communication and business rules in the cross-border area. Spread the benefits of the region will reach the target groups.
The region has a lack of vision, access to markets and building the necessary capacity to be increased by training modules, conferences and studies. It will give priority to actions and activities for further development of cooperation in the newly built network.
Project Activities

Project management, team building and planning
Meetings of the project team
Investigation and assessment of the needs assessment
Preparing studies
marketing Research
Development of four cross-border initiatives / development models
Analysis of the local legal framework
Seminar on Local Development Law
Study of barriers to starting a business in a cross-border region
Exchange of information through web-based tools
Developing a joint program of support
Exchange of visits and partner meetings / missions
final seminar
Project management and reporting
Economic research activities

Results of the project

Jointly established information services
Improved atmosphere for the development of relations in the border region
Highly developed a web-based network
Developed courses / training modules
Exchanged informatsia and know-how between different companies in different fields of action
Developed cross-border initiatives / modules

target Groups

Business associations – to 115 from Serbia and Bulgaria
NGOs – to 4 trans-border area
Local authorities – to 10 from both sides
Entities and representatives – to 15 from Serbia and Bulgaria
Local population – 200 on each side

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