NALIOG experts

Our experts have many years of experience in developing strategic, planning and programming documents; performing evaluations of strategic planning documents; socio-economic and business analyzes, concepts, manuals, studies, forecasts for the purposes of strategic planning, etc. Experience in conducting analyzes of regulations, as well as in the field of the judiciary, including the development of specific recommendations for optimization and reorganization of the work process with emphasis on increasing the efficiency of the judiciary and their administrations in exercising their competencies.

These experts have participated in the following projects:

Project “Improving the Public Procurement System in Montenegro” 63 WDs, Main Beneficiary: Public Procurement Agency of Montenegro, funded by the European Commission. Performed activities were mainly on the issue of transparency, anti-corruption and the creation of conditions for ensuring free and non-discriminatory access to relevant public information of all stakeholders (development of guidelines, strategic documents, round tables with stakeholders, etc.).

Project: “Strengthening the public procurement system in Bosnia and Herzegovina” with service contract 2013/336 – 009; Activities carried out: Specific work related to achieving real improvement in the field of free access to public information, including in-depth analysis of the existing framework, identification of weaknesses, monitoring the specifics and intensity of public debate, formulating recommendations, etc.

Project: Technical Assistance for the Modernization of Public Procurement in Lebanon”, funded by the EU, contract №: ENPI / 2013/327622 for EU external action; The performed activities were aimed at introducing the topic of “right to information”, initiating a public debate focused on the need to create a regulatory framework for free access to public information, as its existence will significantly contribute to qualitative and positive change in the functioning of public procurement processes, and thus will help in the fight against corruption.

Project: “Improving the administrative capacity of public procurement in Kosovo”, Treaty EuropeAid / 132388 / C / SER / HK.